Exhibitions of the HYBRID_MATTERs project

The artworks of Lawrence Malstaf (Belgium) are situated on the borderline between visual and theatrical forms of expression. He creates installations and performance art with a strong focus on elements such as movement, coincidence, chaos and order, in space and in objects, using sensory devices that respond to onlookers who are present. He has also made larger mobile art environments that are concerned with elements related to space and orientation, where the onlooker functions as a kind of co-creator/ actor.

Lawrence Malstaf has a Master’s degree in industrial design and has been awarded several international prizes in the field of art and new technology. He is also known to be an innovative scenographer and production designer in the field of dance and theatre. He currently lives and works in Tromsø.


We are continually striving to be objective, we try to look from a distance, and we develop all kinds of technology to accomplish that, which is of course very interesting, but in a way this objectivity is something we know we will never really achieve, it’s a bit of an illusion. – Lawrence Malstaf

Folding is a research project which employs new technology, such as 3D scanning and modeling software in combination with traditional origami techniques, in order to explore the boundary between representation and abstraction. The aim is to build up a collection of life-size...

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March-December 2016