Exhibitions of the HYBRID_MATTERs project

Jonas Jørgensen is a PhD fellow at the IT University of Copenhagen. He is trained as a physicist (BSc) and an art historian (BA, MA). His current research focuses on the intersection of robotic technology with art and aesthetics. Jonas is part of the REAL (Robotics Evolution and Art Lab) research group at the IT University of Copenhagen.


What kind of life forms will survive with us or without us in other kinds of conditions than what we currently have on planet Earth? What kind of conditions and organisms are forming at the intersection of technological and biological evolution and human agency?

The project (in progress) investigates Normann fir Christmas tree as a postnatural organism and exposes it to changing conditions, such as micro gravitation with continuous rotational movement. The underlying idea speculates whether or not Christmas trees can survive in changing environmental conditions; on a different planet,...

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March-December 2016