Exhibitions of the HYBRID_MATTERs project

Johanna Rotko's artistic research explores her own relationship with nature and how nature is affected by her actions. She studies the perishableness and disappearance of matter. Specifically she is currently exploring alternative photographic methods by produce living images with raster images, uv-light and yeast.


Yeastograms are living images on petri dishes. They are made of yeast cells cultivated on growing mediums used in basic microbiology. The images are produced by exposing a rastered image with Ultraviolet LED lamps onto the yeast. The UV-lights kills the part of the yeast cells which are not covered by the stencil during the 24-hour exposure process. After some growing time, the pictures emerge from the surviving yeast cells.

The main theme of her yeastograms are the strangers who she has photographed on the city streets. After the exposure she leaves the images without disturbing their...

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March-December 2016