Exhibitions of the HYBRID_MATTERs project

Antti Tenetz is a visual artist and an experimental documentarist. Tenetz’s works are situated on the interface between media arts, activism, bio arts and urban art. In his works he combines and fearlessly uses different forms of expression, different media, different technological platforms and materials, even nature. His focus is on multi-disciplinary and multi-artistic cooperation between art and science.

In his works he concentrates on studying the relationship between man and nature, with themes changing from the Siberian bear cult to the digital representation of animal sensory systems. He often uses modern technologies, such as drones and satellite tracking. In the hybrid reality of instrumental and robotized technological culture intertwined with nature he uses his art to bring new themes to the discussion between arts and science concerning experience, relationship with nature, privacy, law, landscape and natural values as well as other species and the forming of our living space, respect and survival.

Tenetz’s works and cooperation projects have been exhibited in Finland and internationally for example at the Venice Biennale 2015- 2013, Lumipalloefekti exhibitions 2011 - 2013, X-Border 2013, ISEA2011 Istanbul, Science Gallery 2009, Pan-Barentz 2009, e-mobil art 2009-2010. He has also won three national snow sculpting competitions.

Wolfland is part of Jälestää - Tracing, an Ongoing artistic research exploring realm of hybrid territory in between human and non human.

How can we see the presence and impact of animals through their tracks, movements and actions in the changing environment. What is the relationship between animals and human beings, and what is their relationship to the landscape.

An animal in nature in its own environment is a mobile force whose influence extends far and wide. Wolves move over large areas and they affect their environment.  We humans are tied to our own perspective of...

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March-December 2016